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Gifted is not for profit organization in the Richmond metro area that provides emotional wholeness classes and workshops to the community. We believe people are dealing with deeper level of loneliness that requires more than a social media friendship. People need real love not virtual likes. We believe people are dealing with real challenges that require more than a google search. We believe people with no friends need a place to go when they have no one to talk to. We believe people have difficult past and need inner healing from their past hurts. We believe people need emotional support through difficult times when friends and family have given up on them. We believe a person is not ok until he/she is emotionally ok.

 We know what people need

People  need a place they can go and experience  zero judgment  and 100% acceptance  when and after they have done something wrong.


People need a place  they  can go to knowing that when they get there, they will feel loved even if their  own family and friends thinks they don’t deserve it  for one reason or the other. 


People need a place where they can experience love and respect after they  have failed over and over again

People could use a place where they can redraw love even if they  have  not made  any  deposit in difficult times. 

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